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Living Trust


Your Living Trust in a Digital Time Capsule

A living trust, also known as a revocable trust, is a type of trust in which an individual places assets during his lifetime, which then transfers to any number of designated beneficiaries after the individual’s death.

With SecretValet, you can encrypt all of your assets into a digital time capsule and designate your beneficiaries as recipients. We automatically deliver the content of the capsule along with your personalized instructions to them when it is time.  All of the capsule contents are stored encrypted and only your recipients can decrypt it. You can also designate a delegate which can be your attorney or a trusted family member. The capsule can be delivered on a certain date, if you pass on or if you stop responding to our regular checkin’s with you.  All automatically, secure and easy to setup.

Check us out at https://www.secretvalet.com