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Secure your Digital Assets with none but the Legacy Armour!

Of late, you may have been searching for an answer to secure the legacy of your loved ones. In fact, you are not alone here searching for the answer to the menace of data theft online thereby swindling inheritance from your near and dear ones. According to an estimate, 45% of the US citizens are exposed to the vulnerability of data and identity thefts.   

The hackers and their association work relentlessly to make things difficult for the people day by day despite the wide use of encryption technology to their side. In other words, you need the services of an expert with a view to securing your digital assets. The company Legacy Armour is a good choice here.

Key areas of securing your digital assets

Encrypted vaults

Encryption technology is the translation of data into secret codes and to read the encrypted data, one would need a password (popularly known as the secret key) to decrypt the same. It is, therefore, considered as the most effective way to secure your data. All those put together indicates that to secure your digital assets, you would need an encrypted vault. Secret Valet has the expertise and experience of making encrypted vaults bespoke to your need. The best part is that those e-vaults cannot be decrypted by the third party. Thus, your digital assets remain secured with Legacy Armour.

Recently, we have been featured on Huffington Post as the most recommended security services online. You can read the full article here:


User Friendly Service

Your concern is to secure digital assets on one hand and to transfer data to the intended recipients on the other. That’s how the purpose of securing digital assets is fully served. Having said that, we mean you should be able to share the encrypted documents with the people of your choice such as the collaborators of your project. Simultaneously, people receiving the encrypted document through email should also be able to decrypt it at their end after the verification.

File Upload

To secure the digital assets, one would require uploading of many types of files. For instance, you may need to upload images, sound clips, and the video pertaining to the health care directives, will, and other legal documents. It further connotes that securing your digital assets must involve an efficient management of a lot of different file types. Legacy Armour has the right set of skills and the technical know-how managing the multiple digital assets bespoke to the client needs. In fact, it’s been the professional service standard and the superior technology of Legacy Armour that are driving the business here.                 

The DBIR (Data Breach Investigative Report) attributes 74% of data breach traffic to the external factors including the combination of web application and malware. Therefore, the very first step to secure your digital assets calls for a thorough check on your practice of saving and distributing the documents and others in the digital world. Having said that, we mean it’s your choice of doing things that essentially exposes you to the vulnerability.

Hence, you should hire a partner like Legacy Armour that would be taking pre-emptive actions from time to time on your behalf.

SecretValet Live Demo

Live Demo!

Watch how you can easily secure your legacy and protect your loved ones in less than 3 ½ minutes and for less than a cup of coffee a month. Watch this video!

How a lost pot of gold inspired SecretValet.com


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What do you do with your digital assets?

Digital Assets – Part III

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Zero Knowledge Encryption

What is Zero Knowledge Encryption?

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