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SecretValet Press Release – October 18th 2015

SecretValet Speaks to The Digital Task Force of ACTEC

SecretValet was invited to speak to the Digital Task Force of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).  On October 18th in Monterrey, CA, SecretValet shared its expertise with these elite attorneys on secure storage of sensitive information and how that information can be delivered to others even after the owner’s demise. Secretvalet explained that we are an online portal that encrypts important files and stores them securely in an electronic time capsule slated for delivery in the future to any designated recipients.  The delivery trigger can be selected by the capsule owner from one of the following

  1. Manual delivery
  2. Specific date (ex: Son’s 18th birthday)
  3. Credit card declining multiple times (indicating unavailability, incapacitation or in some occasions death)
  4. Death (SecretValet integrates with the Social Security death index database)
  5. Inability to respond to multiple heartbeat pings from SecretValet (Think Whistle-blower as one use case where is unable to respond, documents are delivered to a 3rd party).

We also mentioned that our customer demographics vary from individual users that need to store & deliver information about their trusts, wills, family assets including  social media pages to businesses that can act on behalf of their client and  help manage their assets with our unique “Delegate” option that allows the business to view, modify, or upload digital assets information & instructions on their client’s behalf.  Trust Planners, Legacy Trust bankers,  wealth management companies, Banks (virtual safe deposit box), Insurance companies, HR departments law firms and even mortuaries can use the SecretValet service for their clients.It was a pleasure connecting with everyone and we look forward to our continued successful relationship with such great team.


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