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How Important Is Data Protection & How You Can Do It

With a high percentage of digitization in place, the need and urgency for your data protection have come to the forefront. There is a drastic change in the way of doing business today, especially in view of the rampant data theft and the malware attacks. Types of data that need to be protected are also vast such as name, address, debit/credit cards, bank details, emails, telephone numbers, and health information. In fact, there is a growing need for protecting the digital assets. Continue reading How Important Is Data Protection & How You Can Do It

What Is A Digital Asset And How To Secure It?

Irrespective of the financial condition, every person has a legacy to leave for his/her children. Having said that, we mean your legacy doesn’t necessarily mean your fortune alone. Stuff like family photographs, video/audio clips, and others too are the legacy that you can leave for your children. Those are simply priceless when you are no more in the proximity of your near and dear ones! They will remember and recapitulate those joyous moments and years that they spent with you.

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Digital Time Capsule, SecretValet featured in the news

MN Startup SecretValet Launches Password Free Secure Data Sharing Service

How a lost pot of gold inspired


I remember growing up as a child being very close to my grandmother. We used to visit her in old Jerusalem every summer and I would look forward to hearing her stories of bravery about our grandfather during world war I. I was particularly fond of hearing about their love story and how they enjoyed riding their horses every afternoon until sunset, stories of endurance and stories of survival throughout the conflicts in that part of the world.

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What do you do with your digital assets?

Digital Assets – Part III

In the first two parts of this three-part series, we discussed what Digital Assets were, determined that they have value, and discussed what that value was and why we would care. We’ll wrap up this series by discussing what you can do to keep your assets safe and ensure that they are transferred to others if something happens to you.

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Zero Knowledge Encryption

What is Zero Knowledge Encryption?

Everyone has heard of encryption in the news these days.  And everyone has a basic idea of what it is, but the details of encryption and how it is implemented can make the difference between whether your data is truly secure or if you merely have the illusion of security.  This is why at SecretValet we use something called “Zero Knowledge Encryption”, but I’m getting ahead of myself.   Continue reading Zero Knowledge Encryption