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Digital Security Is A Fad Or A Reality?

Today, people cannot think of life without internet and the mobile phone. Having said that, we mean, people are increasing feeling the urge of staying connected round the clock and 365 days a year. The reason behind this urge can be attributed to personal and the business interests. However, the gist is that digitization has been deeply rooted to everyday living. Internet revolution has fast paced the digitization process.

Unfortunately, online data theft has been playing spoil sports here. As a matter of fact, the need for digital security has come to the forefront like never before. For instance, you don’t write formal letters anymore. Instead, you write emails that are delivered to the intended recipients instantaneously in any part of the world in an encrypted form.

You may be surprised to know that even the insurance companies, banks, and other institutions have been urging to encrypt your life for the greater good! In other words, preserving legacy has become a lot more congenial in the digital era. But, as we said, cyber security is what that you need at the first place. It further construes that you need encrypted vaults to secure and reclaim your privacy on the digital space.

Key areas of digital security:

• Automatic delivery: On many an occasion, you may have worried about how to encrypt your life. This worry may have been bothering you for quite some time. Despite your best intentions and efforts, you couldn’t find a solution to it. Let us assure you that LegacyArmour is the ultimate here. Having said that, we mean, the company is expert and experienced in encryption technologies. The company even gives you an opportunity to preserve secrets after death. The best part is that the digitized documents are sent through automatic delivery to the intended recipients as per your standing instruction.

• Advance directive: If you fear losing your life due to some reasons or the other, you can always give an advance directive to the company about your wishes. The company takes care of the same in the best interest of your legal heirs and as per the provisions of your instructions. In other words, your legal heirs or the assignees will have a complete knowledge on the legacy.

• Revealing secrets after death: You may choose to reveal secrets on legacy to family after your death for some reasons such as the family feuds. You can do that digitizing everything that you have in your possession such as the financial documents, deed, and others and also can give instructions to your digitizing company for sharing those with your intended recipients.

• Legacy preservation: For the purpose of legacy preservation, you must choose a digitizing company that has cutting edge cyber security innovation to its side. At the same time, it has a successful track record of delivering online security services bespoke to the individual needs.

In fact, the scope of the security business in the digital world is huge. All that you need is a strong partner here just like the LegacyArmour.

What Is A Digital Asset And How To Secure It?

Irrespective of the financial condition, every person has a legacy to leave for his/her children. Having said that, we mean your legacy doesn’t necessarily mean your fortune alone. Stuff like family photographs, video/audio clips, and others too are the legacy that you can leave for your children. Those are simply priceless when you are no more in the proximity of your near and dear ones! They will remember and recapitulate those joyous moments and years that they spent with you. But, how do you do that? If that’s the question bothering you for sometime, secure your legacy today by creating digital assets!

Now, the most relevant question here is what a digital asset would mean. Well, a digital asset can be defined as anything that exists in the digital format. Therefore, a digital asset may include several types of digital documents such as photographs, animations, illustrations, audiovisual media, spreadsheets, and logos to name a few here. Thus, the majority of the digital assets bears either a monetary value or an ethical value bespoke to the need of the individuals.

With growing pace of digitisation, the need for digital assets has been on the rise. Therefore, stuff like bitcoin, health directive, and friendships are now considered digital assets. As a matter of fact, there has been a growing need for the digital asset management (DAM) system that would encrypt your life. But, the million dollar question is how to encrypt your life? Well, you need a professional company like LegacyArmour that has the right knowledge and the state-of-the-art encryption technology to its credit.

However, preserving legacy is a conscious choice that you ought to make well in advance. It’s like taking an advance decision on how you wish to be remembered by your kith and kin. As such, you must have a fair idea on the selection of a partner here that would offer a comprehensive cyber security on your digital assets. We present a guideline on the same for your perusal.

  • Reputation: To earn reputation on the cutting edge cyber security innovation suitable for the legacy protection, a company has to work hard with a complete client oriented approach. And, it takes time to be earned. Having said that, we mean you must be careful about the newcomers in the business since they, in many a case, work like the fly-by-night operators. A survey on the life of the digital startups can reveal the truth here. Therefore, you should always hire the services of a reputed company for securing the legacy.
  • Clientele: This is an important yardstick to follow while selecting a partner. The company that has a long list of reputed clients by default offers the best services here.
  • Rating: Check the online rating of a company before hiring. Ratings on the review sites like Yelp and Trustpilot will give you some true insights here.

Securing your digital assets, you will be able to share secrets after death. At the same time, you can make the secret available only to those who deserve to know the same.

Protect The legacy Of Your Loved Ones By Legacy Armour

At the outset, it becomes imperative to understand why you should protect your legacy. Knowledge is power to you. Therefore, the very first step here would be to know some bare facts on the legacy of the people of US, one of the most advanced countries in the world!

This may sound surprising but true that around 45% Americans fail to protect their legacy while two out three people in the US don’t make a living will. We believe, those two figures are the real eye-opener for you. In other words, there is no scope for the second thought that you must secure your family legacy with an expert in the US. Continue reading Protect The legacy Of Your Loved Ones By Legacy Armour

Secure your Digital Assets with none but the Legacy Armour!

Of late, you may have been searching for an answer to secure the legacy of your loved ones. In fact, you are not alone here searching for the answer to the menace of data theft online thereby swindling inheritance from your near and dear ones. According to an estimate, 45% of the US citizens are exposed to the vulnerability of data and identity thefts.   

The hackers and their association work relentlessly to make things difficult for the people day by day despite the wide use of encryption technology to their side. In other words, you need the services of an expert with a view to securing your digital assets. The company Legacy Armour is a good choice here.

Key areas of securing your digital assets

Encrypted vaults

Encryption technology is the translation of data into secret codes and to read the encrypted data, one would need a password (popularly known as the secret key) to decrypt the same. It is, therefore, considered as the most effective way to secure your data. All those put together indicates that to secure your digital assets, you would need an encrypted vault. Secret Valet has the expertise and experience of making encrypted vaults bespoke to your need. The best part is that those e-vaults cannot be decrypted by the third party. Thus, your digital assets remain secured with Legacy Armour.

Recently, we have been featured on Huffington Post as the most recommended security services online. You can read the full article here:

User Friendly Service

Your concern is to secure digital assets on one hand and to transfer data to the intended recipients on the other. That’s how the purpose of securing digital assets is fully served. Having said that, we mean you should be able to share the encrypted documents with the people of your choice such as the collaborators of your project. Simultaneously, people receiving the encrypted document through email should also be able to decrypt it at their end after the verification.

File Upload

To secure the digital assets, one would require uploading of many types of files. For instance, you may need to upload images, sound clips, and the video pertaining to the health care directives, will, and other legal documents. It further connotes that securing your digital assets must involve an efficient management of a lot of different file types. Legacy Armour has the right set of skills and the technical know-how managing the multiple digital assets bespoke to the client needs. In fact, it’s been the professional service standard and the superior technology of Legacy Armour that are driving the business here.                 

The DBIR (Data Breach Investigative Report) attributes 74% of data breach traffic to the external factors including the combination of web application and malware. Therefore, the very first step to secure your digital assets calls for a thorough check on your practice of saving and distributing the documents and others in the digital world. Having said that, we mean it’s your choice of doing things that essentially exposes you to the vulnerability.

Hence, you should hire a partner like Legacy Armour that would be taking pre-emptive actions from time to time on your behalf.

Information & Phishing Security Training – Welcome

Hello SPARCSdoesSECURITY Participant,

If you are reading this, it means you clicked on a link within what we call a “phishing email”.

Don’t feel bad, as we all fall for these kinds of attacks every day, and one of the ways to fight phishing is with security training. You did the right thing by signing up for the SPARC training this coming Saturday. Kudos to you!

My name is Sahar, and I will be your instructor for most of the day this coming Saturday April 1st. During our afternoon session, we will cover what phishing means, the damage it can cause,  and how to spot it.

Please go back and look at the email and try to find out what you should have spotted in it, that would have prevented you from clicking the link(s) next time you receive a phishing email.

Here is a recommended  link to learn more about this topic: (This is a ligitimate link 🙂 of phishing messages

Please read ahead about this topic and other security topics and come prepared with any questions.

I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you.


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Living Trust

Your Living Trust in a Digital Vault

A living trust, also known as a revocable trust, is a type of trust in which an individual places assets during his lifetime, which then transfers to any number of designated beneficiaries after the individual’s death.

With Legacyarmour, you can encrypt all of your assets into a digital vault and designate your beneficiaries as recipients. We automatically deliver the content of the vault along with your personalized instructions to them when it is time.  All of the vault contents are stored encrypted and only your recipients can decrypt it. You can also designate a collaborator which can be your attorney or a trusted family member. The vault can be delivered on a certain date, if you pass on or if you stop responding to our regular checkin’s with you.  All automatically, secure and easy to setup.

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SecretValet Live Demo

Live Demo!

Watch how you can easily secure your legacy and protect your loved ones in less than 3 ½ minutes and for less than a cup of coffee a month. Watch this video!